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Ideationox Embodies Creative Energy in Crystal Sword Charms

The crystal sword charms from Ideationox strike a perfect balance between beauty and strength, not unlike their creator. Alyson Tabbitha is well-known for her excellent cosplay, but she also creates a variety of beautiful jewelry and collectibles. In the beginning, Alyson dealt exclusively in sculpted necklaces. Not wishing to limit herself to only one focus, […]

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Hengen Aurinko - Yana Dhyana

Yana Dhyana’s Mystical Icons and Forest Spirits Let Us Glimpse a New Reality

Yana Dhyana’s art seizes the senses with its use of clean colors and impressionistic visuals. Each piece expertly balances a sense of weight, blending the crisp presentation of stained glass with a meticulous complexity marked by Symbolist and Art Nouveau influences. Yana received her education at Samara State University and currently works as an art […]

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