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Kimberley Margarita - Colourcreep

Colour Creep Turns Dark Times into Brilliant Fantasy Faces

Kimberley “Colour Creep” Margarita has been creating out-of-this world fantasy looks since 2015. Her portfolio is full of pastel princesses and ethereal beauties everywhere you look. But as admirable as Kimberley’s work may be, even more impressive is her perseverance. According to an interview with PopSugar, Kimberley attended makeup school but was diagnosed with endometriosis […]

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Re: Legend

Re: Legend Is the Harvest Moon/Monster Rancher Hybrid You’ve Always Wanted

Wooing chibi characters, training adorable monsters and growing tons of digital produce. It’s all in a day’s work for Re: Legend, star of the Square Enix Collective. The game presents a mixture of popular features including crafting, combat, fishing, monster raising and even co-op play. Funded on Kickstarter in under 18 hours, it’s clear there’s […]

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