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Phoenix Fire Hair

Light Up Any Room with Glow-in-the-Dark Phoenix Fire Hair

When you read that someone’s hair is “like fire,” it’s usually an exaggerated quote from an Irish love poem.

Thanks to hair stylist and colorist Guy Tang, it’s analogy no longer! The real life phoenix hair pictured here glows in the dark and is equally potent in the day. Tang must harness strange sorcery indeed, for what earthly woman could survive having her head set ablaze?



The model, who has passed through the fire and now walks the earth as a feared pyromancer, is the talented Angelica Salek, who was only 14 years old at the time of filming.

The neon phoenix hair looks especially eye-catching against a black top, and the neon eyeliner is a nice touch as it keeps Salek’s features from being washed out by her fluorescent mane. Even in sunlight, her tresses are so reflective that they seem to simmer.

If you enjoy being routinely doused by fire extinguishers, wish to ensure visibility while jogging or hope to endure the fiery trials of the sun deity to gain her powers… read on.

How to Get Phoenix Fire Hair

To get this real-life cosmetic DLC item, you’ll need:

  • Bleach
  • Developer (20 – 30 vol)
  • Kenra Color Creative Neon Dyes
  • A stylist (highly recommended unless you’re confident in your hair editing abilities)



The invocation begins with a ritual purification. Okay, okay, it’s normal platinum blonde bleaching.

After lightening the hair, Tang uses specially mixed Kenra Color neon dyes: yellow at the ends, yellow transitioning into a specially mixed blood red, then red transitioning into fuchsia.

The coloring process happens to mirror the ancient alchemical stages of albedo, a lightening; citrinitas, an inner spiritual dawn symbolized by the color yellow; and rubedo, which was the deep red stage of enlightenment and achievement.


Neon Phoenix Hair - Light


Jung saw the alchemical process as an analogy to finding your identity as an individual person. It’s definitely a small percentage of our population that has glowing solar eclipse-style corona of hair.

On Guy Tang’s mydentity site he shares that hair saved his life by giving him a purpose and direction. Tang doesn’t chase trends; instead he ventures out in search of ideas that excite him. In his case, that means eye-catching colors in dazzling combinations.

His portfolio includes a vast array of beautiful sights such as glittering undercuts and color-changing dye jobs.

Tang’s desire to be different from other stylists dovetails nicely with his clients’ desires to stand out. On a planet of billions, sometimes it’s nice to be different.


Phoenix Hair Twins


Tang has also created his own line of hair dyes so colorists can replicate his magic without needing to gather and mix fourteen different ingredients. He’s goes out of his way not only to create exceptional looks, but to share his knowledge with other stylists, right down to the exact ingredients and mixtures.

Nonetheless, I suspect foul sorcery here.

I wait with dread to witness what unearthly artifacts Salek may forge in her superheated tresses.

Nicholas Tozier

Nicholas Tozier

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Nicholas Tozier

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