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Ideationox Embodies Creative Energy in Crystal Sword Charms

The crystal sword charms from Ideationox strike a perfect balance between beauty and strength, not unlike their creator. Alyson Tabbitha is well-known for her excellent cosplay, but she also creates a variety of beautiful jewelry and collectibles.

In the beginning, Alyson dealt exclusively in sculpted necklaces. Not wishing to limit herself to only one focus, she later began experimenting with different materials.

The name of her business partly comes from the word “ideation,” meaning the formation of ideas or concepts, while the “ox”  is “kinda like hugs & kisses at the end.”


Sword and the Stones - Ideationox
The Sword and the Stones

On the progression of her art, Alyson writes: “I have been sculpting, painting & selling necklaces for years and realized my skills were improving. I wanted to try new projects such as statues, art dolls, and eventually even costumes.”

Her current offerings include everything from custom accessories to sculptures. All items from Ideationox are one of a kind due to their handcrafted nature.

While all of Alyson’s projects are gorgeous, her unique crystal sword pieces seem to draw the most attention. Each one boasts an extraordinary amount of detail in the hilt, designed to complement the gem supported within.


Crystal Ball Scepters - Ideationox
Crystal Ball Scepters

She came up with the idea while looking for a unique way to utilize crystals in a new project. When Alyson realized she couldn’t find anything else like them, she knew she’d come up with something remarkable.

“They are something I am incredibly proud of because of the originality, the powerful meaning behind them and what they symbolize. I never thought I would create something that I am this passionate about.”

As explained on Ideationox, quartz crystal has a reputation as a power stone. The beneficial properties of quartz include healing, meditation, protection and channeling, making it a versatile choice that appeals to a wide audience.

Every sword’s hilt is made by Alyson without the use of mass produced parts or molds. As such, visitors must purchase their favorites quickly before other collectors snatch them up.

Some especially fine charms are only available for a short time before the artist reclaims them for her personal collection.


Labyrinth Art Dolls - Ideationox


Other notable projects from Ideationox include a collection of Labyrinth-inspired art dolls. Alyson meticulously crafted each doll to include as many details from the movie as possible.

The Hoggle art doll is an especially lovely homage to the movie she refers to as “one of the biggest inspirations in [her] life.”

Alyson explained that she enjoys making art dolls because it allows her to work across a range of mixed materials. Many initial creations were fan art culled from her favorite movies and video games. Now, Ideationox features a number of original designs as well.

There’s a whole section of the store dedicated to dragon art as well as customized, decorative boxes, each with an original fantasy theme. Amazingly, Alyson rarely uses photo references during the creative process.


Dragon and Elf - Ideationox
Dragon and Elf

“All I did was gather my supplies, use my imagination and let my hands do the rest,” she explained in the description for one of her dragons.

Fans who follow the Ideationox Facebook page are the first to receive updates about new releases. You can also view incredible makeup transformations and cosplay tips through Alyson’s YouTube Channel. Some of her most popular outfits include Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Edward Scissorhands.

Joanna Mueller

Joanna Mueller

A self-proclaimed nerd culture connoisseur, Joanna has an affinity for off-beat indie games with story-driven narratives. When she’s not writing about imaginary worlds, she spends a fair amount of time crafting trinkets from them. You can find more of her work at
Joanna Mueller

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