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Last Unicorn Tarot Deck

Geekify Team to Produce Last Unicorn Tarot Deck, More Merchandise to Come

Peter Beagle’s The Last Unicorn has touched the hearts of many, and thanks to a company called Geekify, it will soon help people get in touch with their inner selves as well!

The final days for The Last Unicorn Tarot & Oracle Deck Kickstarter have arrived, and Geekify has galloped far beyond its original goal of $10,000.

Many fans have been understandably reluctant to buy The Last Unicorn products ever since Mr. Beagle’s problems with his manager, Connor Cochran, came to light in 2015.


Last Unicorn Tarot - Unicorn


Without full transparency regarding the allocation of funds, it became difficult to tell what purchases supported Mr. Beagle and which were used against him.

Thankfully, Geekify has shown consideration toward this issue from the start. Their licensing agreement is with ITV, the rights holder for TLU movie merchandise (which is independent of Cochran), and Geekify has promised a percentage of their proceeds will go directly to Mr. Beagle.

This has been confirmed by the author’s social media team, so fans are free to join in the fun.

The deck itself looks promising and will come with a guide book. Design has been divided among several artists. Each suit, in addition to the major arcana, will be handled by one person to ensure consistency.

Due to the project’s success, multiple stretch goals have been unlocked that will add to the beauty and value of the deck.


Last Unicorn Tarot - Mama Fortuna
Mama Fortuna on the Four of Coins

The first reveal was for a fancy box that may include “ornate scrollwork, a frieze scene of something from the movie or a pyrographed etching.”

My personal weakness followed: card foiling. Because shiny. Yet the final goal was the most exciting of all.

After the project reached $100k, all backers for the deck were promised a special 79th “statement card” that will be signed by Peter Beagle himself.

This is clearly a huge bonus for collectors!

As noted in our tarot guide, I’m partial to decks that have unique art for every card instead of pips on the minors. I rushed to back after I saw the Kickstarter page confirms full images throughout.


Last Unicorn Tarot - Pin Set
More characters available on the pins than shown here

Geekify is also offering decals, enamel pins, art prints, a mouse pad and reading cloth as add-ons for this campaign. While these sound enticing, I’m personally holding out for the plushies they’re planning for the following year.

A deck will run you $65 (they’ll be $75 at retail) while the smaller goods range from $5-25. Head on over to the The Last Unicorn Tarot & Oracle Deck Kickstarter if the The Last Unicorn cast has ever provided you some guidance in life, because they’re about to do it again!

Rhylan Dane

Rhylan Dane

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Rhylan Dane

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