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Hengen Aurinko - Yana Dhyana

Yana Dhyana’s Mystical Icons and Forest Spirits Let Us Glimpse a New Reality

Yana Dhyana’s art seizes the senses with its use of clean colors and impressionistic visuals. Each piece expertly balances a sense of weight, blending the crisp presentation of stained glass with a meticulous complexity marked by Symbolist and Art Nouveau influences.

Yana received her education at Samara State University and currently works as an art teacher. One of her personal collections, Between the Worlds, explores the unconscious mind as filtered through fairy tales and myth.

The commercial projects she’s undertaken make use of her imaginative style to illustrate books and CD covers for like-minded clients.


Emerald Garden - Yana Dhyana


One of Yana’s masterworks is her Emerald Garden mural. Seeking the opportunity to try wall painting, Yana asked her parents if she could use their country house as a canvas (Alex Hurst).

The full mural stands over 6′ tall and was made using tempera and lacquer. Tempera was the primary type of paint used in the 15-16th century before oils grew in popularity. The medium dries quickly and offers clear and long-lasting colors.


Stonky Honky Tonk - Yana Dhyana


You’ll see this unique paint used in several of Yana’s pieces, though she uses a range of traditional and digital methods across her portfolio. Many of Yana’s individual works have eventually grown into parts of larger collections.

Deck of Cards is a growing project which depicts magical places, spirits and even a few real-world creatures in psychedelic palettes framed by beautifully elaborate borders.


Guardian - Yana Dhyana


Dwagglir - Yana Dhyana


Silver Guardian - Yana Dhyana


Black Unicorn Mask - Yana Dhyana


Spirit of the Forest - Yana Dhyana


Flowers of Life - Yana Dhyana


Yana’s art has a timeless elegance to it that draws the eye and allows you to explore its intricacies. Each piece is a journey into a new world we’d love to inhabit.


Yana Dhyana
Samara, Russia
deviantArt | tumblr | Facebook

Rhylan Dane

Rhylan Dane

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