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Blindsprings Proves the Princess Doesn’t Always Need Saving

Tamaura is a lost princess, frozen in time for 300 years after her mother makes a pact with the spirits to save her bloodline. During this period of service Tamaura leads a peaceful life in an enchanted forest while her sister, Aliana, slumbers.

One day a boy named Harris finds his way to the woods and introduces himself.

What starts out as an innocent friendship develops into an all-consuming quest for the young man when he decides he must “save” Tamaura after completing his magic studies.


Blindsprings - Tamaura and Harris
Tamaura and Harris

Ten years later, right as Tamaura is on the brink of fulfilling her century-spanning promise, she receives another visit from the scholar. Harris’ attempted rescue results in a broken pact and forced relocation back to the country of Aberwelle, where much has changed since Tamaura’s absence.

The fraught land is on the brink of yet another war, all centered around the magic which runs through her veins. We thus begin a story filled with moral quandaries, political schemes and intriguing factions.

Blindsprings is created by Kadi Fedoruk, a graphic designer and illustrator living in Vancouver, Canada. During her career Kadi has worked full-time for Gaia Interactive and completed projects for clients including Disney, Zynga and Facebook.


Blindsprings - Street
One of Tamaura’s friends, Street, goes on a spiritual journey

With Blindsprings‘ popularity growing, Kadi partnered with Hiveworks to turn the webcomic into a physical book. The Kickstarter campaign began in 2016 and received full backing from fans. Supporters received their finished copies this year, and based on the comments, the quality does not disappoint.

When I first began Blindsprings, being thrown right into the action was a bit confusing. As a frequent novel reader, I typically prefer more leisurely pacing and was frustrated with how the story jumped from one scene and set of characters to the next.

Can you tell it’s been a while since I’ve read a comic?



Yet as I dug further into the story, I discovered the true depth of Kadi’s creation. While the beautiful illustrations are enjoyable on their own, Blindsprings‘ believable world and focus on representation are what will really captivate you.

From the start, Kadi breaks away from traditional stories where the princess needs rescuing by a dashing prince. In this epic tale, Tamaura not only defends herself, but stands as one of the sole individuals who can save the world.

Despite Tamaura’s history remaining enigmatic, I was entertained as she discovered new powers and worked to find her place in a conflicted Aberwelle.

There’s an underlying theme in the story that focuses on the end of childhood and innocence in exchange for greater knowledge. This is realized through the two groups who use magic: Orphics and Academists.


Blindsprings - Tammy and Friends


The Academists believe in a magic they can control through science, while the Orphics are naturally gifted due to their connection with the spirits.

The characters in the story, especially Harris, spend much time trying to remind the world that spirits are real, and more importantly, that Tamaura herself still exists after such an extended absence.

When Harris brings Tamaura to the modern city of Kirkhall, most don’t believe she could possibly be the lost princess. Harris attempts to reason with the Academists, though of course things don’t go as easily as planned.

If you love both fairy tales and twisted political games, I’m happy to note that Blindsprings gracefully combines these two genres that rarely come together.

Keep checking the Blindsprings site for details on how you might be able to snag a copy of the stunning book as well!

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