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Elemental Urchin

Elemental Urchin Combs the Beach to Sculpt Enduring Art

Nature is always ready to welcome us home. If you’ve ever escaped to a hideaway where the sound of waves, rustle of trees or howling wind soothed your senses, then you’ve felt a special connection with the world.

For Cheryl Lee of Elemental Urchin, these moments have inspired countless treasures born of human ingenuity and nature’s magic.

Cheryl began her artistic journey on the right foot thanks to her mother and grandmother. The two women used of all sorts of materials in their work, from paint and clay to twigs found in the wild.


Elemental Urchin - Mushroom antlers
Mushroom antlers

Living among the beautiful beaches of Florida, Cheryl is always on the hunt to discover new materials for her creations. Her favorite activity is making driftwood sculptures (Florida Living), but since the curing process takes time, she entertains herself during the wait by making the dazzling trinkets you see here.

Cheryl believes every piece should be durable enough to withstand all her exploring. To accomplish this, she mixes her own special clay developed after years of schooling and research.


Elemental Urchin - Coral Polyps
Coral Polyps

This unique blend is much stronger than polymer and allows her art to last through “crazy adventures swimming through water, hiking trails and mountains, being in the rain and hot sun.”

The natural resources she uses include crystals, antlers, bones and insect remains. All of Cheryl’s creations are cruelty-free, with animal parts either found in nature or provided by friends.

In the Elemental Urchin shop you can find a variety of small pendants, wands and sculptures. More items are planned to come, so be sure to let Cheryl know what you’d like to see!


Elemental Urchin - Labradorite tree
Labradorite tree

Every sculpture takes on an organic shape, such as trees or ocean creatures. It’s clear Cheryl sees our relationship with the world as a special, give-and-take relationship.

“Life is like the ocean and humanity is like driftwood. Waves constantly beat against the grains of the wood, washing away the roughness and making the grain smooth. Just as the waves of life wash over me, revealing more every day of who I really am, shaping me into who I will become.”

My favorite pieces are the crystal pendants, being a big crystal girl myself. The groves sitting atop the gems were inspired by World of Warcraft. The purple/blue tones and winding roots do add some Teldrassil flavor!

Cheryl uses a lot of spirit quartz and labradorite, both enchanting choices that catch the light just so. Their beauty is only enhanced by the seamless way Cheryl weaves materials together.


Elemental Urchin - Eyeball Mushrooms
Eyeball Mushrooms

Elemental Urchin designs range from $25 – 250. Thankfully, Cheryl offers payment plans for the more expensive items so they remain accessible to everyone.

While the store is currently closed for custom orders, you’ll find new product updates most Fridays. Scope out the newest items as they’re released on the Elemental Urchin Instagram.

Serena Hawthorne

Serena Hawthorne

Serena is a tarot-reading witch and proud cat mom from southeast Wisconsin. She helps clients find clarity in their lives by promoting holistic care, spiritual guidance and everyday magic. She blogs at
Serena Hawthorne

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