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Spirito d'Inverno - Marga Biazzi

Marga Biazzi Inspires “Aaws” and “Eeks” with Shoujo Art Nouveau

Marga Biazzi wants to lure you into a world of bloodthirsty sirens, kelpies and fairies. If these creatures tried extracting vital bits from your body you’d normally head for the hills, but they’re just too darn cute to resist!

One of Marga’s major inspirations is Art Nouveau and its graceful shapes, but she pairs this aesthetic with adorable, manga-like characters. It’s an effective combination that draws you in just as you realize that you probably should’ve given that dark-eyed critter with talons a wider berth.


Among the Singing Cicadas - Marga Biazzi
Among the Singing Cicadas


Marga graduated from art school in Busto Arsizio and began working professionally in 2000. Her work has been featured in textiles, editorials and numerous children’s books. In 2015 she completed a graphic novel including six short stories about Nordic Folklore and medieval legends called Ballads of Mezzaestate.


The Goat that Rules the World - Marga Biazzi
The Goat that Rules the World


Lady Godiva - Marga Biazzi
Lady Godiva


Marga has also compiled a number of her illustrations in an art book called Ellefolk Mundi. I don’t know if she currently has any more of these collections available, but on her deviantArt account she requests that inquiries be sent to her directly. Shipping is low within Italy and can be determined on a case by case basis internationally.


Something Sweet - Marga Biazzi
Something Sweet
Eldaein the Sorceress - Marga Biazzi
Eldaein the Sorceress


I’m sure this artist will keep things interesting with more mystical menageries to come. You can wear her art to ward off other mischievous spirits by following the Redbubble link below.


Marga Biazzi on her main site, deviantArt, Facebook and Redbubble.

Rhylan Dane

Rhylan Dane

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Rhylan Dane

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