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Toby Allen - BPD

Toby Allen’s Monsters Make Mental Illness a Little Less Scary

Toby Allen’s work has been passed around social media for the past few years, with one project in particular drawing attention.

The art depicts cuddly, slightly creepy monsters that cause mental illness, and is intended to educate people about lesser-known conditions and reduce the stigma surrounding them.


Mental Monsters - Toby Allen
Mental Monsters

There was even a Kickstarter to make plushies of the critters in 2015!

It’s a great concept that not only supports people dealing with illnesses, but reminds bystanders to be understanding and patient toward those fighting these invisible troublemakers.


Toby Allen - Ice Queen
Ice Queen

Toby has a number of other charming works under his belt, including a GM card set called “Who Is in the Tavern?” and collaborations with writer Katie Mullaly for the “Land of…” children’s book series.

The titles deal with self image, making good choices, dealing with disappointment and other necessities of growing up.


Toby Allen - Who Is in the Tavern
“Who Is in the Tavern?” character designs

More recently, Toby has been doing the art for an upcoming mobile game called Alice: Looking Glass Legends.

He shares fan art for many games like Final Fantasy, The Witcher 3 and Pokémon on his Tumblr, plus a Twitch stream is in the works if you’re interested in watching his process.


Toby Allen - Satyr

Toby mostly works digitally and uses Photoshop and Cintiq Companion to create illustrations. Watercolor brushes help give a soft and painterly feel to his images.



Toby Allen on his main siteTumblr and Facebook.

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Rhylan Dane

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