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Alice Yuric BJD Tutorials

Alice Yuric Turns Herself into Living Ball-Jointed Doll with Awesome Makeup Skills

Ball-jointed dolls have a look which feels at once elegant, cute and fairly realistic, but in a way that’s more flawless than a mere human could ever achieve. At least, that’s what I used to think.

Anastacia Yur’eva aka Alice Yuric is a makeup artist, digital artist and cosplayer (so… costume artist?) with a series of tutorials on how to paint yourself with such precision that someone might mistake you for a BJD come to life.



Alice’s looks perfectly evoke the flawless skin, big eyes and dramatic contouring popular to the collectible cuties. Whether you’d like to become a handsome prince or colorful flower child, the variety will please people from all ends of the style spectrum.

Alice’s videos are mesmerizing for the high level of artistry on display as she turns her petite features into something more anime character than human.



She’s currently competing in the first round of Russia’s Nyx Face Awards, and although the voting hasn’t gone to the public yet, I’m sure Alice would appreciate some early support.

Her other videos involve fun subject matter too, including makeup tutorials for all the girls from the Little Red Riding Hood-inspired game The Path and American McGee’s Alice.

It’s nice to find another MUA who isn’t afraid to explore the darker side of beauty in addition to traditionally feminine looks.


Alice Yuric on YoutubeFacebook and deviantArt.

Rhylan Dane

Rhylan Dane

Formerly a freelance copywriter, Rhylan now manages Armorbelle and creates marketing thingamajigs for personal clients. She has wanted to be a pirate since the age of 3, and although she still has no idea how to sail, she’s become very adept at stabbing and plundering.
Rhylan Dane

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