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Pixel Princess Blitz

Pixel Princess Blitz Promises a Roguelike with Female Lead, Branching Narrative and Love Interests

Roguelikes have been popular lately, but while these games offer challenging combat, they often lack an engaging story and characters. Pixel Princess Blitz aims to change this by going beyond the hallmark random generation of the genre to include a branching narrative and NPCs you can interact with—even romance. (Yes, same-sex partners have also been confirmed.)

The game is crowdfunding on Kickstarter and being developed by an indie team called Lanze Games. The face of the campaign is Kuruna, the cute yet practical heroine. Kuruna is an 18-year-old “strider,” a sort of scout who helps people in need.


PPB Action


It seems Kuruna’s services will be in high demand, as her home, Verad, has not only been conquered by another kingdom called Irsil, but the undead are rising and sending rodent minions to attack human settlements.

Different environments and weather will wear you down during travel, and you’ll need to manage your resources to protect villages that serve as sanctuaries.

The combat is delivered in traditional “beat ’em up” style, where Kuruna will be able to equip different types of weapons to change how she fights and take advantage of enemies’ weaknesses. Armor can be upgraded and enchanted.

Kuruna and Companions
Kuruna and Companions

Speaking of armor, it made me even more eager to support this project when a backer noted Kuruna’s functional outfit, and Hepari (the leader designer) responded:

“I have no love for unrealistic designs including bikini armor or armor that leaves the breasts unprotected, and would never even consider them in a realistic setting.”

Wonderful to see someone acknowledge that even in fantasy worlds, armor is meant to protect the wearer’s body, not offer enemies a cleavage-shaped target.

Throughout the game you’ll be able to ally yourself with or against various factions to alter your path and experience. NPC interaction with potential love interests won’t follow the “give x gifts to smush face” formula:

PPB Romance

Stretch goals have recently been announced and they’re very exciting, especially at the higher levels.

At $166k the devs will create a Settler Mode that allows players to upgrade towns, accumulate resources and train guards to build up a grand stronghold. If they make it to $216k multiplayer will be implemented so you can team up with friends and take on extra-challenging dungeons.

Pixel Princess Blitz looks like it will at least make its base funding, and you can’t go wrong with $15 for a copy at release. Head on over to the campaign page to pledge if this sounds like your type of adventure!



Rhylan Dane

Rhylan Dane

Formerly a freelance copywriter, Rhylan now manages Armorbelle and creates marketing thingamajigs for personal clients. She has wanted to be a pirate since the age of 3, and although she still has no idea how to sail, she’s become very adept at stabbing and plundering.
Rhylan Dane

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3 thoughts to “Pixel Princess Blitz Promises a Roguelike with Female Lead, Branching Narrative and Love Interests”

  1. It’s good to get a game where female characters have proper armour. Those Tales of games are pretty good but the costumes the female characters wear can be ridiculous.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kim! While I haven’t played the Tales games personally, I have heard good things about the female characters. As you noted, the designs need some work though.

      The Berseria heroine’s outfit is a joke; it literally looks like she tied pieces of scrap around her body. I saw an article earlier noting that her alternative swimsuit covered more than her standard attire, which was sadly true.

      I don’t understand why any “serious” dev would put their characters in something like that. Glad to see bigger RPGs like Dragon Age, Skyrim and Horizon: Zero Dawn starting to get things right though.

  2. Milla in Tales of Xillia was a great character, even though the clothing she wore, was a bit skimpy. I’m sure Velvet will at least be a good character too.

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