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Charm Villa Tea Fish

Drinking Tea Is Even Better with a Goldfish in Your Cup

Not a real one of course, but a tea bag goldfish!

Taiwanese creative agency Charm Villa has developed the prettiest way to present a drink since blooming tea. These adorable bags are put together using a 16-step process, 9 of which have to be performed by hand.

These fragrant fish were created back in 2013 by students from St. John’s University in Taipei and gained popularity fast, so much that it’s been hard for the company to keep them in stock.


Cute Charmvilla Teas


Fans in Taiwan can purchase these fish for a reasonable price, with a box of 12 costing about $35 USD. However, Charm Villa is selling individual tea bags for $15 each to U.S. customers through Amazon. They may be cute, but I can imagine this would be outside most people’s budget.

Thankfully, it seems the company will hold a sales exhibition in New York this year. Here’s hoping they’ll partner up with a U.S. distributor so we can get them at a more affordable price! I like how the petals in each “body” look like scales that bring to mind a colorful koi.


Charm Villa Tea Steeping


The bags are made using sturdy yet fine Japanese fabric and hold four different types of teas, which include:

Ruby Black Tea: Fruity notes of wild plum, cinnamon and a dash of menthol. Has the body of an Assam.

Oriental Beauty Oolang: “Champagne Oolong” is fermented and possesses a natural fruity aroma, forming a sweet, orange tea.

Jin Xuan Oolong: “Golden Daylily” or “Milk Oolong” has a uniquely creamy, buttery flavor.

Rose Petal Oolong: A favorite in Taiwan made with organic rose and referred to as “Brandy Oolong,” which is less oxidized than black tea.

I have to admit, some of those flavors sound tantalizing. Would you enjoy sipping tea with one of these floating fish?

Rhylan Dane

Rhylan Dane

Formerly a freelance copywriter, Rhylan now manages Armorbelle and creates marketing thingamajigs for personal clients. She has wanted to be a pirate since the age of 3, and although she still has no idea how to sail, she’s become very adept at stabbing and plundering.
Rhylan Dane

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