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UGEARS Turns Your Room into a Steampunk Workshop

Whether or not you’re an engineer, you can’t deny that mechanical contraptions have a certain elegance. Never has this been truer than with UGEARS, a company that manufactures steampunk-esque models.

Their DIY kits allow you to familiarize yourself with every cog and axle before putting together a project that comes alive.


Ugears Flower
Ugears Mechanical Flower

UGEARS is running a Kickstarter to sell their existing models at great prices, along with new releases that have just been added to their catalog. This isn’t their first time fundraising as the owners, Denis and Gennady, got their start through the site in 2014 and now employ a full team in Kyiv, Ukraine.

UGEARS ships all over the world and the kits are expected to go out in early December, so if you have any friends of a more experimental persuasion, this could make the perfect gift.


UGEARS Fire Truck
UGEARS Fire Truck

The new models being released are the Mechanical Tanker and Fire Truck. If you’re looking for something less automobile-centric, there are many other offerings to browse, such as the Theater, Mechanical Flower or Timer.

Assembly time varies among kits, so whether you’re looking for a quick project or something you can really dig into, there are options for creators of every skill level.



All of the UGEARS are made using laser-cut plywood, rubber bands and toothpicks. No extra glue is required, so you can begin construction right out of the box. I would recommend having a pen knife and wax on hand in case you need to smooth out any of the pieces, and maybe some paint if you’d like to add color.

Seeing these models in motion is a real pleasure and makes me wonder what fascinating designs they’ll come up with next. Which one is your favorite?

Rhylan Dane

Rhylan Dane

Formerly a freelance copywriter, Rhylan now manages Armorbelle and creates marketing thingamajigs for personal clients. She has wanted to be a pirate since the age of 3, and although she still has no idea how to sail, she’s become very adept at stabbing and plundering.
Rhylan Dane

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