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UniversesSwirls Dragon

“How to Train Your Dragon”-Esque Plushies Fly into Our Hearts

The colorful and whimsical style of How to Train Your Dragon is perfectly captured in these cuddly collectables from UniversesSwirls.

This series of felt dragons produced by creator Olga Shironoba spans a wide range of colors and looks, so you’re sure to find a scaly friend for yourself when browsing her wares. If you’re the industrious type, you can even learn to make these cuties by using her patterns.


Water and Fire Dragons UniversesSwirls
Water Elemental Dragon ($150) and Leo Zodiac Dragon ($150)

On the rare occasion that her pre-existing designs don’t capture your interest, note that Olga also accepts commissions so you can get a custom-made match. She’s located in Krasnodar (Russia) and special projects usually take a while to complete, so be sure to give yourself some prep time if you’re looking to get one as a gift.


UniversesSwirls Wolf and Bunny
Bunny Rabbit ($60) and Winged Wolf ($45)

Aside from the dragons for sale, Olga creates plushies of other endearing animals and magical creatures. I’m especially fond of the winged wolf and bunny above, but you can find jackalopes, monkeys, cats, narwhals and much more in her store.


UniversesSwirls Night Dragon and Monster
Night Dragon ($150) and Gentle Monster ($55)

Many of Olga’s plushies are collaborations between her and Evgeny Hontor, a talented sculptor and artist who will no doubt be featured later on. The UniversesSwirls owner is not only talented at sewing, however.

Be sure to take a look at her beaded trees, which look like they’ve been pulled straight from a world of enchanting dreamscapes.


UniversesSwirls on Etsy

Rhylan Dane

Rhylan Dane

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Rhylan Dane

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