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Oakapple Mouse Carving

Carvings for Redwall Fans and Cathedral Lovers

Mice and abbeys, a tale as old as time? Oakapple Designs creates elegant and rustic statues that would be right at home nestled next to someone’s Redwall novels. While their mice are adorable, Oakapple’s specialty lies in reproduction of medieval designs.

Oak Apple Busker Mouse
Oak Apple’s Busker Mouse, $19.99

The company takes molds of carvings from cathedrals and abbeys in England, then recreates them using a mix of resin and filler composite. The results closely match the original designs and bring a sense of Old World charm to any space. Oakapple is the only company with permission to take molds from the locations they’ve worked at, and they currently have a collection of over 150 pieces.

Oak Apple carving of Eve
Reproduction carving of Eve, ~$20

Philip Youle is the mastermind behind the business, but he originally started by casting the molds his college professor developed. A fan of medieval plasterwork, Philip saw potential in the business and eventually bought it, improving the quality of Oakapple’s products and expanding their reach.

Oak Apple sea monster carving
Sea Monster, ~$17

Oakapple sells their wares on Etsy, but you can find and purchase an even larger array of items on their website. Their collection includes everything from the cute fuzzballs above to knights, flowers, monks, mythical creatures and European emblems.


Oakapple Designs’ Main Site
Oakapple on Etsy

Rhylan Dane

Rhylan Dane

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Rhylan Dane

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